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Blogging Break Monday, Sep 13 2010 

I’ve stopped updating the blog…as you might have noticed.  I am keeping the site open for possible future usage, but mainly utilizing Facebook now for personal and church related updates.


Weekend Review Monday, Aug 2 2010 

A great weekend…God is good!

  • Sunday morning service was great.  A little change up with Worship – the “Drake & Josh” show.  With a majority of the band on vacation, Josh did an all acoustic guitar set with he and Drake.  It was definitely a well-done change up to the norm.  I thoroughly enjoyed the kick-off to the ELIJAH series.  Donald is preaching next week on the story of Elijah vs. the Prophets of Baal…it will be great!
  • Great to see new faces throughout the summer.  Lots of regulars in and out because of vacations, but great to meet the new families moving into the area.  I’m looking forward to September when everyone is back!
  • Appreciate Sherri doing a great job in leading our outreach to the SERVE homeless shelter in Manassas on Saturday afternoon.  We had about 30 of our LCC family show up and serve a meal to the residents there.  We also did an excellent job of cleaning up their kitchen and totally organizing their food pantry.  We’ve got some awesome people…thanks for coming out!
  • Our LCC Softball team won the championship on Saturday as well.  The tournament games were tight, but we pulled it out 10-9 in the championship game.  Great job guys (and Debbie)!  I think our final record was something like 20-3 this season!
  • Personally, had a great visit with friends Darren & Tracy Wu from Lynchburg.  They are expecting their first child in 2 months and we were able to pass on some baby furniture…
  • Our baby turned 2 yesterday.  It’s hard to believe Nicholas is now 2 years old!  Wow…time is flying by.
  • It’s going to be a busy week…lots to do before family vacation.

Here is a picture after winning the softball tournament:

Our Students on Mission Saturday, Jul 10 2010 

26 of our students and 6 adult leaders just completed a successful mission trip in North Carolina with World Changers.  Check out the link below!

Monday Morning Recap Monday, Jun 21 2010 

Another full weekend of activity…feeling tired on this Monday morning!

  • Sunday’s Father’s Day service was great.  Thanks Lil for providing the father’s day poem.  Thanks band for the great worship.  Hope all the dads enjoyed the service and were challenged by the message to do their duties as a dad according to Ephesians 6:4!
  • Crowd was a little down yesterday…obvious that school got out on Friday and lots of families had other plans…hope to see everyone back next week!
  • It was great to have my dad, my granddad, and my father-in-law all with us yesterday.  I am blessed with a great heritage and great example of what it means to be a godly father.
  • My wife and kids treated me well for father’s day with a 1-year subscription to XM for my car.  I had a trial offer that I really enjoyed, but it expired.  Then we got a 1 year half price offer…so that was a very cool father’s day gift!
  • Appreciate the Bell family donating 20 gourmet cakes for our youth mission trip fundraiser…awesome!
  • Begin praying now for our 26 teens and 6 adults going to North Carolina on a mission trip July 5-10.  We will be praying over the group during our service on Sunday, July 4th.
  • Had a busy family weekend starting on Friday – with end of school year awards ceremonies, all-star team practices, graduation parties, then Saturday at the Washington Nationals game, then Sunday afternoon family and friend birthday party for Zac’s 17th birthday…it was a packed weekend.
  • This heat has me looking forward to our family beach vacation in August…now only 7 weeks away 🙂
  • I’m also coaching the DTQ Senior All-star team again this year.  This will be my last hurrah coaching Zac.  We begin games this Saturday and looking forward to winning the district again and going to the state tournament in Virginia Beach later in July.
  • I’m looking forward to the next series at LCC – the MIRACLES of JESUS…begins this Sunday.

LCC E-news 6.17.10 Thursday, Jun 17 2010 

Join us Sunday for FATHER’S DAY. This week’s service includes a great line-up of video, music, drama and a message entitled “The Duties of Dad” from Ephesians 6:4. The service begins at 10:30…don’t be late! We’ll also have a little gift for the dads at the end of the service.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 4th! The holiday falls on a Sunday this year and we are taking our worship celebration outside that morning. We’ll have a family service out on the front lawn at 10:30 am followed by a cookout. This is a great opportunity to bring family and friends and get your celebration off to a good start. The church will provide the food. Bring your own chairs or blankets. Help us know how many to plan for by taking our quick 1 minute survey here –

Summer Sundays in Kid’s Life… For the months of July and August our K-5th grade Kid’s Church program is on summer break. The full Kid’s Church program will start up again on September 5th. From July 11th through August 29th we will offer a K-2nd grade class in addition to our preschool and nursery. Our 3rd-5th graders will attend the worship service. Check out our website for more information.

Save the date of Saturday, July 31. At 3pm, we are scheduled to do a cookout dinner for the SERVE homeless shelter in Manassas. More info coming soon. This is a family service project for Kindergarten age through adults.

As always, check out our church calendar online for more information. Our next series is entitled “The Miracles of Jesus” and begins on June 27th.

Hope to see you Sunday,

Monday Morning Post Monday, Jun 14 2010 

Time for a little Monday morning recap…

  • We concluded our SPIRIT series yesterday at LCC.  I appreciate all the comments about how much everyone learned from this series.  What would God do through our church if all of us were living our lives filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit?  Are you yielding to his guidance on a daily basis?  If you missed any of the messages, I encourage you to bounce over to iTunes and download what you missed.
  • Yesterday’s crowd was great…4 brand-new first time families were with us yesterday.  I love it when God brings new families to our church.  As usual, 50% came from personal invitation and 50% came because of an internet search.  I’m looking forward to continuing to grow through the summer.  On the flip side yesterday was the last day for the Monteith family…although you were only with us for a year, we will miss you greatly.  Blessings as you move to Colorado.  We are losing a few more families next Sunday to military moves as well.  It happens every year 😦
  • We have several students graduating from high school this year.  Many were this past weekend and some yet to come.  ConGRADS to Josh Feehs, Connor Hickenbottom, Josh Holbrook, Brooke Angel, Cadeau Juraschek, and Jon Schmitz.
  • Fun family day at Kings Dominion.  The heat was a bit much, but we had a great time.  The water park was definitely the place to be.
  • 3 weeks until Jeff & Nicole Keeny are officially here.  We are working on getting the 3rd office prepared at our office space.  It’s going to be great to have that 3rd full-time staff member.  Thanks to Josh & David for their construction services.
  • I’m officially crossing over from being an Orioles baseball fan to being a Nationals fan.  With Strasburg and more goodness coming, I’m ready to move on from my childhood and cheer for the home team.

LCC E-NEWS 6.10.10 Thursday, Jun 10 2010 

“THE SPIRIT” – our current series concludes this Sunday, June 13th.  The Holy Spirit is mentioned more than 800 times in the Bible, yet many people misunderstand or know very little about Him.  Be here Sunday as we discuss the Filling of the Spirit.  The service begins at 10:30…don’t be late!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 4th!  The holiday falls on a Sunday this year and we are taking our worship celebration outside that morning.  We’ll have a family service out on the front lawn at 10:30 am followed by a cookout.  This is a great opportunity to bring family and friends and get your celebration off to a good start.  The church will provide the food.  Bring your own chairs or blankets.

Summer Sundays in Kid’s Life… For the months of July and August our K-5th grade Kid’s Church program is on summer break.  The full Kid’s Church program will start up again on September 5th.  For July and August we will offer a K-2nd grade class in addition to our preschool and nursery.   Our 3rd-5th graders will attend the worship service.  Check out our website for more information.

As always, check out our church calendar online for more information.

Hope to see you Sunday,


PS – Don’t forget to join us tonight, June 10th at CiCi’s Pizza for the youth mission trip fundraiser.  Just come and eat dinner between 4-8 PM and drop your receipt in the jar and help our teens raise funds!

Weekend Recap Monday, Jun 7 2010 

Here’s my Monday rundown…

  • Awesome day at LCC yesterday.  Good crowd.  The worship was excellent…band introduced us to a new song that was a big hit.  The band is sounded great with the new additions…the stage is full!
  • A lot of people commented how much they enjoyed the message that I shared about spiritual gifts.  Surveys say the only 87% of Christians are aware of their spiritual gifts.  We need to discover them and use them for God’s glory.  Click here for the resource I shared in the message – it’s a quick and free analysis that can help you figured out how God has gifted you with certain spiritual gifts.
  • Our new “Beyond High School” study kicked off Sunday afternoon.  This Bible study is for rising high school seniors and those entering or in their first few years of college.  It was great to have 10 students at the first study.  Next one is next Sunday after church at the church office…not too late to join.
  • Looking forward to our July 4th outdoor service and cookout.  Plan to start your celebration with worship outdoors with your family and friends!  The church is providing the food.
  • I’m doing something new tomorrow…I’m speaking at my daughter’s public elementary school CAREER DAY.  I get to share for 20 minutes with 5 different groups of 25 3rd-5th graders.  I created a PPT and taking some props, but wondering how I will compete in popularity with policeman or firefighters or someone with a cool costume 🙂
  • Managing my son’s team tonight…final game of regular season.  Going for perfect season of 15-0.  All-star practice begins June 15th…I got voted in as manager of the Seniors division team…so looking forward to that opportunity again.

Welcoming Jeff & Nicole to LCC! Thursday, Jun 3 2010 

I am excited to officially announce that our Next Generation Pastor search process has come to an end. We have officially offered the position to Jeff Keeny who was here a few weeks ago. Jeff wholeheartedly has accepted the position and he and his wife Nicole will be moving here from Charlotte by July 1st.

A few miscellaenous tidbits about the Keeny’s:

  • Jeff has been serving as the Student Pastor at Wellspring Church in Charlotte, NC for the last few years
  • They have been married for 2 years
  • They both are graduates of Grove City College in PA
  • Nicole is currently a 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
  • Jeff is originally from Pittsburgh area and a Steelers fan.  (not sure how I feel about that)
  • Nicole grew up most of life close by in Manassas and her family is still here in the area

They also will be able to go with the youth group on the mission trip July 5-10. This will provide a great opportunity to forge these new relationships. We are energized to see how God is going to use both Jeff and Nicole to impact the next generation of children and students at LCC. Please pray for the transition process.

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