A little mind dump for Thursday afternoon:

  • Funny how ministry never stops…it’s something you think about 24/7…and even when you go on vacation (or staff members do) you have to do a lot of advance planning to cover all the bases.
  • While it is a 24/7 job, I appreciate the flexibility it lends me.  I am assistant coach on my son’s all-star team and we are running 2-a-day practices (7am-9:30 am then in then 2 more hours in the evening).  It’s only one week like this…but glad I can work crazy hours and still do stuff like this with my son.
  • We prayed a send-off prayer for our short term missionary – Josh Feehs – one of our teenagers in Brazil sharing the gospel for 10 days.  Here is the link to pictures and updates: FCA Missions Trip
  • Not sure how I feel about Diet Coke with Vitamins added to it nor how I feel about Rosie O’Donell doing the Price is Right show…neither feels right.
  • Our new church sign came in today…glad to finally update our road sign we put out every Sunday morning…it was time!  Scott posted some pics here.
  • Anxious to take the family to see Evan Almighty.  I was pleasantly surprised by the preview clips I have viewed online.  Steve Carrell is a funny dude and it looks like a positive message.  BUT NO, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon and preaching an “Evan Almighty” sermon series at LCC 🙂