It’s time for my Sunday night blog….

  • I think we had our lowest attendance day at church in a year…boy the summer vacations didn’t take long to get started!  Still a good service…but we missed everyone!
  • Brian Shifflett did a great job filling in leading worship for Josh today.   Brian (like Josh) came up through my youth ministry days at Calvary Road.  I can’t believe these guys are in their mid-20’s now.  It’s great to see guys you mentored serving God!
  • Josh and his family were on vacation at the Outer Banks.  It was the first Sunday he’s missed since March of 2006…how’s that for healthy?  I have missed one in that time frame…so I guess I’m much healthier?  Anyway, we need to do a better job of missing a few Sundays each year.  My family vacation is a month away!
  • Ahhh…the trials of renting a school.  We found out today we had to move the nursery because of the new gym floor being installed this summer.  OK…we were warned…BUT then we find out the school is not going to let us back in their when it’s done because of fear of us messing it up.  Ok…so we need to find a permanent new place for our nursery and preschool.  Back to the drawing board!
  • Did I mention I have a headache right now?
  • The weather has been awesome the last few days!  But temps in the 90’s are on the way..
  • Heard from someone today that Evan Almighty was really good…want to take the family this week…
  • Lots of hurting families right now in our church…several dealing with deaths in their families…it sure does weigh on your heart as the pastor.
  • I think I’m gaining weight this summer…my wife being off from school means she is doing more baking.  She made some awesome Lemon Sugar Cookies…email her: for the recipe!
  • We just finished watching Season 4 of “24.”  We are now addicted Jack Bauer fans.  Bring on Season 5…and 6.  We just need to get caught up before season 7 starts in January.
  • I’m working on the process of incorporation for our church.  Lots of paperwork to get ready for our attorney.  I just need to really buckle down this week and get it done…it’s just not very much fun…but worth it I am sure.
  • Check this out…an great report from a Friend and Church Planter in Northern Virginia.  His church got a tremendous anonymous gift from an elderly lady of $116,000.  Is that not unbelievable???  They are currently meeting on Sunday nights and this should definitely help them in their desire to acquire space on Sunday mornings.  God is good!