ihpone.jpgAround 5 pm yesterday my son and i were strolling through the mall on our way to Sports Authority to get some new batting gloves before All-stars begins today….and there was this mob of people in the middle of the mall.  Then I realized who they were…the insane people who have to spend $500 on the first day it’s available to get this phone that has god-like powers.  The At&t store had closed at 4:30 and was reopening from 6-10 pm for this deal.  Actually there were about 40-50 people in line – all ages, shapes and sizes.  I asked the guy in front of the line (he looked about 25 yo) how long he had been there…he said since 6 AM.  And I asked him if it will be worth it?  DEFINITELY!  was his answer.  We’ll see.   I have to admit the commercials have sold me….but $500???…I can wait til they come down!