My son and I witnessed a first last night.  We went to a Little League all-star game to scout upcoming oppnonents.  After a questionable call by the umpires, the one team’s coaches and parents got extremely upset and vocal.  It was getting out of control…and then there was this 1 dad – a fan – right behind the fence at home plate that would not stop yelling at the umpire (basically telling him he was an idiot).  The umpire gave him 1 last warning to be quiet.  And he did not listen.  And then the umpire threw him out of the game.  That was the first time we’ve gotten to witness a fan ejected from a Little League game.   It was shocking…but he deserved it!  In the end, I felt embarrassed for his kid!  Zac asked me to promise to never do that 🙂