I expressed my frustration in the message on Sunday about our lack of permanent building…how renting a school is tough…especially in the summer when they are cleaning everything and you never know what you will encounter each week until you show up to set-up at 730 am.

Well, a few people encouraged me this week with a few thoughts:

  • Be thankful you don’t have to deal with the high utility costs – imagine what a/c is costing this week.
  • Be glad you are free from all the maintanance that comes with a building
  • Be glad you don’t have the nuisance of everybody and their mother putting in requests to use the building
  • Be glad you at least have a place to meet in the summer…some relayed a story of another church plant who gets kicked out of their school every summer.
  • Be thankful for how cheap the space is in comparison to every other option out there.

Just like Paul had joy even while in his chains in prison…we must rejoice for we have a place to worship and to grow as a church until that day that God gives us something more permanent.