Here are the ideas/plans for August – November

 REWIND  (August series)

  • We are going back to our first 4 years as a church and pulling out some of our best messages – one from each year from 2002-2005.

JESUS ON (September-October)

  • When it comes to the hot topics of life the most important thing we can do is hear what Jesus said on it.  So we’re going to look at Jesus On…Money, Marriage, Faith, Authority, Politics and more.

STRESS RELIEF (October-November)

  • We are going to take a closer look at one of the classic Bible passages – Psalm 23.  Our stress level can go way down if we truly understand what God is saying to us in the amazing psalm.

If you have any suggestions for teaching series that you like to have at LCC, leave a comment for me or send me an email.