Here’s what I’m liking today:

  • My ability to grill chicken…my wife complemented my increasing ability to grill the perfect chicken breast…but no cooking shows are in my near future
  • Baseball – it’s my favorite sport…still
  • My family – I’m so blessed
  • Buying stuff online – Recent purchases include a new lawn mower blade, iTunes CD download, cargo mat for back of my truck, book on Amazon…so nice to see that package sitting on the porch rather than driving all over trying to find it.
  • My church…LCC is the best!
  • The fact our family vacation is only 3 days away
  • The new Tim Hughes CD – “Holding Nothing Back”
  • Vicadin prescribed by my dentist
  • The book of Philippians

What I’m not liking:

  • the price of a root canal
  • losing an all-star district championship game to an extremely cocky team
  • headache pain from an overly sensitive deep cavity which leads to difficulty in enjoying ice cream
  • humidity
  • bubble gum stuck in my tennis shoes
  • summer TV – because of our all-star season I haven’t watch hardly anything in the last 30 days…wow – I haven’t missed much!  (America Doesn’t Have Talent!)
  • restless nights of attempted sleep (brain won’t shut down!)
  • summer is almost half-over
  • the greenness of my grass compared to my neighbors