Yes…we’re back from the family vacation.  It was a great one at Sunset Beach, NC…just north of Myrtle Beach.  It was a great week, but of course it was great to be back at LCC today.  I had lots of stuff to blog about during the week, but I stayed disconnected to make sure it was a true vacation.  So here’s a few rambling thoughts from the week.

  • I read Seth Godin’s book The Dip while on vacation.  It’s a great little book about knowing when to stick and when to quit.  It’s a business type of book, but it sure encouraged me in what I am doing at LCC.
  • I wore athletic shorts to travel down and commented to Sherri how dangerous is would be to always wear clothes with elastic waistbands…my belts keep me from getting fat 🙂
  • I rediscovered a love for paddleball on the beach.  Zac and I set a new record each day…ending up with 213 on Friday.  My dad and my uncle have a Markle family record of about 1,300…that’s 1,300 hits back and forth in a row without the ball hitting the ground…how insane is that?
  • Playing in the waves with my family is one of my favorite things to do
  • We consumed WAY TOO MUCH ice cream.  The Calabash Creamery makes about 20 different homemade flavors each day.  I refused to say no to this temptation.
  • The Northern Virginia reality hit us yesterday.  Clear sailing on the roads until we hit Richmond.  YUK!  95 was not fun!
  • My wife has back and neck issues, but I’m thankful she’s feeling a little better than last year when she could really get out in the ocean or play minigolf with us.  But she did whoop up on the family in putt-putt and in bowling!  She hasn’t bowled in a few years and scored a 142! 
  • No bad sunburn.  I finally started listening to my wife a year ago.  I used mostly SPF 30.  I used to think my goal was to have a bronze chest by the time I got home…so I’d used SPF4 Oil.  Now I’ve matured to realizing…it’s just not worth it…and who am I trying to impress?  Ahh…it’s nice to avoid that pain.
  • The weather was awesome!  The only tough weather moment was on Tuesday, when we had a flat tire and we had to change the tire out in that heat…we were just dripping with sweat…but it was a nice bonding time.
  • Quote of the week came from my 6yo daughter.  She slid off her raft which I was holding while she was riding waves.  She quickly grabbed for me and I embraced her and we held tightly onto each other.  It was a nice father/daughter moment and I said you don’t have to worry, dad has you and I am big and strong.  She immediately said, No you’re not, you’re fat!  Of course, she didn’t mean it…she was just trying to get a good laugh…and she did…everybody enjoyed that (well almost everyone :-))