ripken.jpgOne of my heroes – Cal Ripken – was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this past Sunday.  I have it recorded on my DVR, but have too busy to watch it.  I will get to it this week.  But I’ve picked up a few quotes from his speech that are worth sharing:

 “…kids see it all, and it’s not just some of your actions that influence, it’s all of them.

as my major league career unfolded, I started playing a little more attention to my actions. I remember when Kenny Singleton showed me a tape of me throwing my helmet down after a strikeout and all he said was, “How does that look?”

I remember learning about a family who saved their money to come to Baltimore to see me play. I got thrown out in the first inning and their little boy cried the whole game. I remember how I reacted with anger when dad was fired after an oh and six start, and after each of those events and others, I vowed to act better the next time.

Yes, these were only little things, but as dad used to say, if you take care of all the little things, you’ll never have a big thing to worry about.