Rambilings from a busy Tuesday…

  • Ephesians 4:26-5:2 is my passage for Sunday…what a great passage of practical advice on Anger Management
  • I really like Swedish Fish – it’s a good candy for Bible study
  • Murphy’s Law?  My wife scheduled a pool party today for my youngest daughter’s birthday.  She had about 4 friends coming with some siblings to our neighborhood pool.  It was for 1-3 pm.  She called me at 12:45 saying you will not believe it…someone did something nasty in the pool and it’s going to be closed until 4 pm.  You cannot deny that is funny 🙂  (they worked out something with the lap pool for them – not as much fun, but better than nothing)
  • Cannot believe my wife and I are celebrating our 17th Anniversary already…this Saturday is the day.  I’m so blessed to have her!  We’re definitely more in love today than ever.
  • Looking forward to my next teaching series in September…JESUS ON:  Stay tuned for more info…
  • Pray for the Feehs family in our church – they leave for China tomorrow for their adoption of their baby girl…Maryn!  They should be back in 2 weeks.
  • God is awesome…He keeps providing people to step up and serve in the ministry.