A busy, but very good day…

  • I had a personal rough start.  I caught a cold last night, fell asleep fine, but woke up at 1:30 am with a runny nose that would not stop.  I fought it in bed for awhile (which I’m sure my wife loved), but I finally got up and moved to the basement sofa/recliner so I could sleep in a more upright position and breath.  Then I can’t sleep because I get into this panic mode when I can’t sleep on Saturday night…I have to preach in a few hours…I can’t be blowing my nose in the middle of the message…I can’t take Benadryl at 3:30 am because it will make me too sleepy…I’m probably the only pastor with these kind of worries 🙂
  • But God was good…as He always is.  I was able to preach without blowing my nose and we had a great service today.  My message was on Anger Management and I opened with my top 5 things that make me angry:
    • 5 – Avoidable Stupidity (when I do stuff that is just plain dumb)
    • 4 – Being Ripped Off (like Sunrocket VOIP did to me)
    • 3 – Wal-mart (do I really need to explain?)
    • 2 – Computer Malfunctions (sometimes I just want to take a hammer to it)
    • 1 – NoVa Traffic (how can something that is 38 minutes on mapquest take 138?)
  • I caught a 30 minute nap this afternoon…these are always good.
  • A few of the High School Musical 2 songs are stuck in my head…what do I do about that?
  • We had a great Life Group Organizational Meeting at the Buttram’s home tonight.  We’re looking forward to a good kick-off of our small groups mid-September.  Sherri and I are going to host and lead a group doing Ed Young’s study on the book of James called X-trials
  • My wife is teaching 1st grade this year at Christ Chapel Academy…in-service week starts tomorrow for her.  I’m praying that she has a great year.
  • I’m going to take in a little of the Little League World Series…then hit the hay!