Zac and I had lunch at Chick-Fil-A today.  I gotta give them props:

  • All the employees are always courteous
  • They were packed today but incredibly fast
  • The drive-thru is always fast even when the line is long
  • The food is always hot and fresh
  • The sweet tea is awesome
  • The manager is on the ball
  • They advertise Christian music festivals
  • They are closed on Sunday so employees can worship (yet they survive financially…how does that work? :-))
  • Their shakes taste real…not like some powdered mix
  • I never leave there irritated, frustration or unhappy

Some people don’t like to compare business to the church, but in reality I hope that people feel the same way about LCC.  (except the being closed on Sundays part)

  • All the members are always friendly
  • There was a good crowd and the service was fast paced…not slow and boring
  • The refreshments were great
  • The leaders were on the ball
  • They advertised upcoming events well and clear
  • Their messages/teachings/people were real…not fake
  • I leave feeling upbeat, happy, ready to tackle another week