No funny video this time!  I don’t remember this happening to me before…but it did this morning and I am still reeling from it.

Wednesday is my day to write my message for Sunday.  I read up and do some study for the message in the days prior…but I usually work alone on Wednesday and devote a majority of my time to this task.  It’s my self-imposed deadline so I can get the notes off by Thursday morning to Josh for the projection and the bulletin.

Well I was 3/4 through writing my message today and Word locked up.  I’ve seen Word lock up before so I didn’t panic.  I figure it would recover the file.  The recovery file had about 3 sentences and the rest was exclamation points.  I tried everything…it’s gone.  I had to walk away from it for awhile.  It was one of those times when my writing was flowing and I was feeling really good about the message and how it was coming together. 

Oh well…there is a reason…I’m trying to figure that out now as I try to remember my thoughts from this morning.  Ok…I’ve vented.