fphs.jpgSherri and I went to high school last night.  On back-2-school night for the parents only, we got to have 10 minutes in each of Zac’s classes to meet his teachers.  We had 6 minutes between classes…wow…it’s a big building and I can see how it could be tough to get from 1 class to the next with 2,400 students flooding the hallways on the same mission.  For the most part, we were pretty impressed with his teachers…a lot of passion for what they do.  He’s going to have his work cut out for him – 4 of his 7 courses are AP (advanced placement) which means alot more work.

Maybe the biggest differnce between when we went to high school and today is the computerization of everything with the internet.  Having a high speed service at home is really not an option if you want your student to have success.  All the assignments and grades are online.  Pretty cool…pretty amazing…and a lot to keep up with!

It’s basically our first time with a kid going to public school and even though it’s “free” we will have spent close to $200 this week in fees for special books, PE Clothes, PTSO, and a few other expensive supplies.  Not complaining…but raising is just plain expensive!