Creativity.  “In the beginning God created…” 

And can I just say WOW…what an amazing, creative God.  I’m not a big hang out in nature kind of guy…but I can’t help but look at the oceans, the mountains, the planets, the stars and be amazed at His creativity.  Then I look at the variety of animals that God created and the mere number of species is mind-boggling.  And then of course, there’s the human race…every single person on this planet with a unique DNA – different looks, personalities, and abilities.  Wow…what an incredibly creative God!

I believe that God created us to be creative.  I truly believe that when we just to do the same things the same way over and over, we are truly missing out on the joy of experiencing the creativity that God put in each of us.

I find it sad that many churches are dying or declining…largely due to the fact that they are doing the same things the same way they have always done them.  As if always doing it the same way were a godly trait?  When I look at God, I see the opposite.  I see a God who loves variety. 

  • When did it become ok for pastors to make the most exciting story boring
  • Why do so many Sunday morning services put people to sleep
  • Why are churches one of these least creative environments on our planet?
  • Where is the creativity that God created us to have?

I actually believe it is a SIN to be boring when presenting God’s Word.  As a pastor, I have placed creativity in the DNA of our church.  We are always asking these types of questions:

  • Is there a more imaginitive way to teach this point?
  • How could we serve Communion in a more creative manner?
  • Why don’t we find an alternative way to order the service?
  • What new innovation in technology that we should incorporate?
  • How can I not just copy someone else’s idea, but take it and make it better?
  • What’s the latest buzz, trends, news, etc…and how can we incorporate that into what we say and do?
  • What are the most innovative churches in America doing?

Remember the WHY behind creativity in our churches…

1 Cor 9:22b-23 “I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some.  I do everything to spread the Good News and share in its blessings.”

As a believer, creativity is a key to keeping our spiritual lives fresh and vibrant.  Jesus warned us against vain repetition.  If your spiritual life feels stagnant, then think about being a little more creative.  Here’s a few ideas:

  • Pick a new Bible translation to read from for your devotional time.
  • Volunteer to serve in a different ministry in the church.
  • Join a small group Bible study with different people.
  • Change the way you pray.
  • Download some fresh new uplifting tunes on your iPod.

What creative change should you make in your life today? 

Remember that Jesus came to bring us a “rich and satisfying life.”  (John 10:10)