I travel Route 234 a lot.  From Route 1 to Montclair is the path to all of Zac’s baseball games. 

Yesterday afternoon we were on our way over around 5:45 pm…in the middle lane of 3 lanes…and we were behind a slow dump truck.  I noticed the right lane open, so I got over.  Then suddenly this Blue Lexus comes up right on my bumper…obviously ticked that I got in his way. He made a point to swerve around me as soon as possible…give me the mean stare beside me…and then he dramatically pulled over in front of me almost clipping me…and then he went about 10 mph in a 30 mph zone.  I guess he thought he’d really get me back.  Zac and I were laughing.  He suddenly then had to cross 2 lanes to make a left turn into his neighborhood.  

I guess he probably had a stressful day at work and had been driving an hour from DC or something…but the dude needed to CHILL!  His dramatic moves of revenge had to cost him at least 30 seconds.