Random Sunday night thoughts…

  • Things are getting cranked up at LCC.  Attendance is on the rise.  Today we had our best crowd since Easter. 
  • Next Sunday we move back to the big auditorium.  The staff and leadership team came to the conlclusion that it was time to move.  I’m stoked about the move.  Just looking at it this morning got me excited.  The cafeteria was pretty full this morning…and I truly believe that it won’t be long before we start filling the auditorium.
  • I preached on topic of Money today.  It always makes me nervous.  I never want first time guests to be scared off…but in reality it is such an important topic that is addressed so often in the Bible.  How we handle our money is truly a spiritual issue.  And as we continue to grown and have more people giving…the more people we’ll be able to reach.
  • Josh did a great job performing an old song by a group called Burlap to Cashmere. The song Treasures in Heaven was their biggest hit.  It fit perfectly with the message.
  • Great to have my parents and my nieces in church with us today.
  • We have a great group of volunteers…I appreciate the hard work…and sweat they put into the ministry.
  • I’m ready for the cool weather…where did it go?  The sinus headaches this week have been excruciating.  I talked to some fellow sufferers this morning…I feel your pain.
  • Sign of the times…my teenage son chose to go hang out with friends this afternoon.   So I guess he rather watch football with his friends…I just have to deal with it!  Who can I rant to about my loser fantasy team?
  • Go Skins!