It’s been a busy Monday…

  • Funny how much more energized I feel on Mondays after really good Sundays. 
  • Started running again…early this morning…started with a mile and a half.  I hope to work up to more…actually I just hope to be consistent.
  • I had a coffee meeting this morning with a church planting missionary who is working with Asian Americans in the Annandale area.  They had their first baptism service yesterday.  Great to see God blessing them.
  • I’ve been working on my notes for a talk I am giving on Thursday on the subject of team-building.  It’s amazing how quickly God gave me 10 thoughts on this topic.  I will be talking to a group of about 30-40 church planters.
  • Speaking of teams…my son’s baseball team, which I manage…is 7-1 and we are playing a team tonight who is 0-7 and who has lost every game by the 10 run rule.  Yikes…it could get ugly quickly.  I’m going to have fun and use some guys in positions they normally don’t get to play.
  • I was in Springfield today for my coffee meeting…and couldn’t resist a stop at Lifeway Christian Store.  I used to frequent it when I worked in that area.  It’s funny how times have changed.  I buy my music, books and church resources online now…and within in a few minutes I was bored in the store and it really seemed like a pointless, waste of time…so I left.
  • Can’t wait til next Sunday and our move back to the auditorium…it’s constantly on my mind today…