God is so good…

  • I thoroughly enjoyed today at LCC. 
  • We had a great service today…Josh and the band did a great job…it was great to have Cara joining the band this week.  The song set was great…the worship atmosphere was definitely rockin’ for Jesus!
  • Don’t forget you can vote for next week’s worship set…click here.
  • It was great to interview Kevin Burgess in the service.  Kevin & his wife Kelly are the area Young Life directors.  I spoke on Evangelism today…and what Kevin & Kelly do is on the front lines of evangelism.  
  • God definitely did a work in my life this week at the Catalyst Conference.  My heart is very full with anticipation for what God is going to do with our future at LCC.  My passion was overflowing into my preaching this morning.  I had a feeling of awkwardness though…I had my notes which I had prepared on Monday and Tuesday before the conference…and then I was speaking so much from what God was showing me since Wednesday…hard to explain…but in the end…my gut feeling is that I should have just abadoned my original notes…lesson learned 🙂
  • Several regular families were out today…probably some were due to the Columbus Day 3-day weekend…but the attendance was still good.  What would have been a “high” day a few months ago…was a “low” day today…Good times!
  • I plan to get back to my “Core Values” posts this week…no time last week.
  • Wow…the Redskins looked awesome today…why was I nervous about that game?
  • My almost 11 year old daughter went running with me this evening…that was cool…she’s no slouch!  I usually don’t feel like doing squat on Sunday evenings…but with not being able to exercise at the conference…I was anxious to get back to it.
  • I spoke from Matthew 5 today…where Jesus told us that we are the SALT of the earth and the LIGHT of the world.  The question I posed to our people…What would what happen with our church if every one of us took this passage seriously and prayed each morning that God would give us the opportunities that day to be salt and light?  
  • I truly believe that Evangelism is not about gimics or programs…it’s about us BEING Jesus to the world.  My heart is that our church be passionate about our mission in the world and in our community.  It must start with me.