• Absolutely LOVING this weather!
  • Haven’t mentioned it much, but my Fall baseball team that I manage (my son’s team) is now 10-1 after last night’s 12-2 win.  The tournament starts next week.
  • Looking forward to Sunday…we’ve got a great service planned…a few twists…
  • If you want to read ahead for Sunday’s message…take a look at Matthew 15.
  • We have a new printer coming…but it didn’t make it this week, so we had to use an old…VERY SLOW printer to print bulletins this week…slow technology is a pain!
  • Redskins will BEAT the Packers this week.  Cowboys will get BEAT by the Patriots.
  • I’m still amazed how God answers some of the little, seemingly insignficant, minor prayer requests in our lives.
  • Our 3 kids’ interims just came out recently…they are doing awesome…I’m thankful that my kids really care about their academics.
  • I am blessed with a great staff and leadership team at LCC.  God is good.