• Too tired last night to post…tried to watch a movie with my wife and kept dozing off…I feel like an old man (at least on Sunday nights)
  • Nice Sunday morning at church. Good crowd…several first time guests. Web searches and Personal Invites are still the top 2 reasons people check out to our church.
  • Great worship…Josh’s music set had quite a variety….from hymns to bluegrass to fist-pumping worship 🙂 Something for everyone…
  • I’m looking forward to next week…the Basics of Life. I love talking about the purposes and vision of our church.
  • It’s a good day to be a Boston sports fan…the Patriots and the Red Sox? Not so bad.
  • Were the Redskins trying to lose to the Cardinals yesterday? Right now, I’m pretty negative about our chances against the Patriots next Sunday…
  • Curbside To-Go is a pretty cool deal at Applebee’s. My wife and I ordered an appetizer last night (for our movie date in our basement) and I didn’t have to get out of the car to pick it up…pretty sweet.
  • So, it’s going to be in the 80’s today? I heard right now this would go down in history as the hottest October ever in the DC area…
  • The Desert…in the service yesterday we had a husband home from Iraq for a 15 day break to see his wife…and we also sent a husband off last week to Afghanistan for a 2-week mission. We’ve had soldiers coming and going and God has been good to our church family during this war time…we have not had any direct losses or injuries.