Ahhh…it’s Sunday night…

  • Awesome day…we celebrated my daughter Victoria’s 11th birthday.  Both sides of the family were here and we had a great time.  I’m so proud of her…but can’t believe how old she is (and how old she looks…11 going on 16!)
  • Church was great this morning.  Music was great.  It was one of those days where I felt like I was connecting really well with the congregation.  I could definitely see God working in our service today.
  • We kicked off our “Be 1 of 100 Campaign”…more info coming!
  • How about them Redskins???  Barely beating the Mighty Jets!  A win is a win…
  • My fantasy team kicked butt…I’m on a 4 game winning streak…yes, Adrian Peterson was a very good draft selection!
  • And the big Patriots vs. Colts match-up did live up to the hype…wow – what a great game by the 2 best teams in football.
  • My wife made an awesome Cherry/Brownie Cheesecake for my daughter’s birthday…it was amazing.  Very rich, but incredible.   I’ve been saying NO to this kind of goodness lately…but not today 🙂
  • Loving this STRESS RELIEF series already.  I can tell our people really need it.
  • My son says he is going to post a Stress-related video every Sunday on his blog in conjunction with my message series.  So click here for some fun.
  • M & M Peanuts are one of my favorite candies…glad we only have them in the house at birthdays.