I don’t pray for illustrations…but it’s always a little scary when you do a series on a topic like Stress Relief. It’s like God says, I want to make sure you really feel what you are saying. You say you want to be authentic…so here’s a chance to put what you preach into practice. No, I’m not complaining…just laughing at how God works.

I got home last night at Midnight from 2-day somewhat exhausting conference. So for a few minutes this morning my wife and I were trying to rehearse the next 10 days of activities and how we were going to make it all happen. Then I said…what were my points last Sunday about dealing with Stress from Busyness? Oh yea…I need to RELAX. I need to let God restore my soul.

We all have a lot to manage in our lives…we just need to remember to relax and focus on what matters most. I’m working on that…