• It’s officially Thanksgiving week! I love this time of the year. Can’t wait for Thursday’s dinner…always awesome!
  • A great day at LCC…although you could see that some were already traveling for the holiday…but still a great service.
  • We had at least 8 more 1 of 100 donations…so the number will down to about 84 remaining! Thanks to all of you who are stepping up to the challenge!
  • I can tell God is really using this series on Stress Relief. Stress is obviously something we all feel and we need to know how to deal with it better.
  • My laptop is dead…as in it will not come back on at all today. It’s been getting progressively slower and the battery has been getting weaker, but I didn’t expect this. I guess I’ll be taking it to the geek squad in the morning and I’ll be praying for good news…maybe a power cord or battery issue. Talk about adding stress? Like most, I have everything on there. So I’ll be using the family computer until it’s fixed…but this will be a sure pain. (Please be patient if you email me!)
  • My son Zac finds out a 7 am tomorrow if he made the first cut for the school basketball team. About 25 Freshman tried out. They are cutting down to about 18 tomorrow. Then after Tuesday’s scrimmage they are cutting down to 12. He feels about 50/50 on this one…
  • OK – the Redskins? What can I say? Nobody gave them a chance to beat Dallas. All you boasting Cowboy fans out there…laughing at my dream. Well, it almost became a reality. It was a least nice for me to picture you all nervously watching the game in your living rooms. Congrats. At least Romo is on my fantasy team…so not all is lost.