Ok…the good news first.

  • I (the church) bought the 3 year warranty with this laptop at Best Buy.  That expires January 14, 2008…so basically it broke down at a good time.
  • My data will be fine.

Here’s the bad:

  • They have to send it away for repairs for 1-2 months…yes months.
  • We have to pay $99 to have them pull off all my data first and put it on DVD…this will take about a week or so to accomplish.
  • I have to use my slow 8-year old home computer temporarily until we determine the best course of action…which ultimately could be purchasing a new laptop because this one was wearing down and becoming increasingly slow.  (I hate spending big chunks of money…so this is painful to me…)

The biggest annoyance is going to retrieve a file and realizing…I got nothing…