I’m going to post some random things that I am thankful for over the next few days…

I am thankful for…

  • Fresh brewed coffee…God did a great job on creating coffee!
  • My wife…she was away last night for a teacher’s conference…and it’s hard to sleep without her beside me…
  • Fantasy football…did Al Gore invent this too?
  • Thanksgiving dinner…yesterday my mind starting drifting to thoughts of the incredible spread of food and my mouth start salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs
  • Technology…even with my laptop down, I still have my Yahoo account…so YAHOO!!!
  • Respectful kids…My 3 kids tolerate alot being PK’s…but they rarely complain and are part of the ministry team. They have a healthy respect for God and authority.
  • Madden on PS2…I’ve had a PS2 revival of sorts playing against my son and I’ve been actually beating him.
  • Great staff…I have 3 great staff members that are self-starters and are doing an amazing job in their ministry areas.
  • Faithful volunteers…We have over 60 volunteers at LCC. People who are faithful in their service to God. The church would not go without them.
  • Seasons…How boring would it be to live in Texas or Florida and not have the cold winter???
  • God’s Forgiveness…it amazes me that God continues to use me in spite of my frailties.