• Nothing great on regular TV these days…but last night caught a little of:
    • Brian Houston, pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia…great message.
    • Hannity & Combes…this election is really up for grabs…getting interesting.  I’m starting to like Huckabee, but he’s got some issues…but they all do…
    • O’Reilly Factor…he had a great segment about permissive parenting and Dennis Miller (to my suprise) had a great rant about this when Bill interviewed him.  You can find that on Foxnews: top videos.
    • Dave Ramsey Show…on the new Fox Business Channel.  It’s a call in show for financial advice…filled the time during the commercials on O’Reily.
  • Major League Baseball already has an image problem with the younger generation…now this big news today about all these great stars using steroids…not a good day for baseball.
  • The weather forecast for this weekend is not looking great.  It sounds like the winter weather is coming at the worst possible time in relation to Sunday morning church…I hate having to make the call when it’s not obvious.  It’s a lot easier when you are not a portable church…but we have to decide by 6:30 am.  I’m praying that it passes or is late arriving…but if it does hit us…about 10 inches of snow would be nice!
  • Deck the Halls, our Christmas series at LCC kicks off this weekend.  Can’t wait.  Love the Christmas story and preaching on it from a different angle each year.  This Sunday we look at Matthew 1:18-25 and I’m going to share 4 Tips for Surviving Christmas.
  • My annoying book reading habit…I made this post a few weeks ago about books I bought.  Instead of finishing 1 at a time, I’ve started 4 and about 50% through one, 30% through 2nd, 10% through 3rd, and read the intro on the 4th.  Anybody else have this problem?  I just need to finish all 4 by the end of 07…