about this time of year:

  • Kids & my wife off school – Christmas vacation!
  • Lots of sweets…without guilt
  • Christmas cookies (that’s different than the last one)
  • Christmas music…most of it…I did hear a song on WMZQ today “All I Want for Christmas is a Tan” – not sure how I feel about that one.
  • Christmas movies…we may just watch one tonight.
  • Playing games…it’s a great way to have family time.
  • Surprises.  I love all the surprises that come with Christmas.  I love to see the kids faces.
  • Wassail…my wife and my mom make a great hot cider drink by this name.
  • Being a little lazy!
  • All the Football games on TV
  • Sleeping in (except for Christmas morning!)
  • All of course -celebrating Jesus at church and with our family.