It was nice to take a blogging break…actually a break from work in general.

  • I went over 48 hours without touching or looking at a computer…that was nice.  But I had to help my dad set-up his new iPod…so the streak ended.
  • We had a real nice family Christmas this year…just can’t believe the school break is almost over!
  • Church was great yesterday.  Jamie did a great job of preaching.  Josh did great with leading us in worship.  It was a nice treat to drive to church with my family and not have any major responsibility.  I’ll have to do this again sometime 🙂
  • Well, I can’t help but mention the Skins.  Yes, I know Dallas had nothing to play for…but they kept Romo in for 3 quarters and they looked pretty bad.  I’d be slightly nervous if I were a Cowboy fan.  Anyway, I can’t wait to see how the Redskins do this week against Seattle.  Gotta give Joe props for turning it around!
  • Annual sickness…seems like 3 or 4 consecutive years, I’ve come down with the flu on New Year’s Eve…my wife will verify this…well, this year I’ve got a bad head cold, but as I type she’s in bed with a BAD stomach bug…definitely trumps my cold.
  • I’m dreading getting out the ladder and getting down and packing away all the Christmas lights…not fun and nobody really wants to help.
  • I’m excited about our new series starting next Sunday…In The Beginning
  • We got Season 6 of 24 for Christmas and we are just over halfway through…it’s got to be our favorite show.  This writer’s strike really stinks!
  • We just completed our highest average attendance month at LCC.  What’s really cool is that since June, our attendance average has gone up every month.  Mostly modest gains, but going in the right direction.  We praying for this trend to continue in 2008.
  • Our 1 of 100 campaign is doing great.  We have raised over 50% of our goal!  God is good!