I got the Sunday night exhaustion feeling…but I don’t mind…it was a good weekend.

  • My mom and dad came down from PA yesterday and spent Saturday and Sunday with us.  Always enjoy their visits.  We played cards last night and watched football.   Sherri cooked up a great meal and mom brought one of my favorite cakes.  It was a nice relaxing time.
  • Church was great today.  Josh had an unplugged worship set with our drummer and bass player out.  It went over great.   He introduced a new song today, Beautiful the Blood by Steve Fee…great song!  I think I said the word naked at least 10 times in my message…so that was cool.  And we baptized 2 at the end of the service.  Great crowd as well!
  • I’ve decided to take the high road and not gloat or make fun of the Cowboys for losing.  And I’m not going to make fun of T.O. for crying in the post game press conference.  And I won’t make any Jessica Simpson remarks.  It just wouldn’t be right for me to do that.
  • Our new portable system at church today was a big hit.
  • Sherri is now 11 weeks along…so about 28 weeks to go.  We found a nice crib and changing table on Craig’s List…so the gathering of baby stuff has begun 🙂
  • Any Verizon FIOS users out there? We’re switching.  Door to door sales can still work.  The deal I’m getting by combining my phone, internet and TV will actually save me only $5 to $10 per month…but all 3 will be better.  Plus I’m supposed to get a free 19 inch HDTV for signing up…
  • 38 isn’t so bad.  Yesterday was my b-day…it’s funny how I like to keep that under the radar more and more :-).  But I remember thinking how old that sounded…and now we’re having another kid 🙂