Sherri and I went to Fairfax this morning for a 1st Trimester set of tests at a Genetics Institute.  Because she is over 35 (barely) Kaiser Permanente requires this testing to be done.  The cool part was getting to see our baby on the screen this morning.  Technology has definitely improved in the 8 years since our last child.  Our child is only 2 inches long and yet it was amazing to see the detail up on the flat screen TV on the wall.  The great news is that there are no signs of Down Syndrome or other abnormalities…everything looks normal!  Too early to tell the gender…although I will admit to looking hard to no avail.  We’re at 12+ weeks in…that is usually around the 20 week mark…so I’ll be patient.  We are thankful for the healthy baby and fairly healthy pregnancy so far!  God is good!  Due date is now August 4th.