Since everybody is handing out endorsements…I thought I should as well. I hereby endorse the following:

  • Whiteboard Sessions – a conference for church leaders coming to Reston, VA in May.
  • Verizon FIOS – glad we made the switch at home…haven’t received by free TV yet though
  • Patriots – the Giants have no chance on Sunday in the big game
  • Rock Band – my kids love it and I admit it is a lot of fun
  • Nyquil & other PM products – when you are sick, they help
  • Chipoltle – My latest food crush
  • American Idol – it’s still a fun family event for us…but I’m ready for the next round
  • Keurig Coffee Machine – since December it’s truly improved our quality of life
  • Life Community Church – got to be the best church in Northern Virginia 🙂
  • My Wife – she’s 14 weeks pregnant, working, managing 3 kids, and putting up with me being sick all week…a true HERO!