I feel so out of whack from being sick.  Funny how blogging falls way down the priority list.  Minimum computer time to avoid headaches is a key to surviving.

  • Anyway, I feel like I’m finally starting to show signs of feeling better.  I’m anxious to re-live that feeling of good health.  Amazing how we take that for granted until we don’t have it.  I’m on about day 8 or 9 now…my patience has been tested and I’m sick of television.
  • Speaking of TV, the Superbowl turned out great.  Wow.  I thought the commercials were a letdown this year…but the game, especially the 4th quarter…it doesn’t get any better.
  • Sunday’s service was good…it was just so odd for me.  I love to be out greeting people before and after the service…especially meeting the new families, etc…but I felt like I needed to stay in the back to conserve energy and keep my germs to myself.  It was just a weird feeling.
  • I got through the message…with only 1 bad cough.  God always has a way of shutting down the mucus flow just enough to allow us to do what we need to do.  I’m a little nervous about some of my illustrations…I found myself sharing some unplanned illustrations.  And I’m wondering now if they made sense…you know when you’re medicated it’s probably safer to stick to your notes.  Oh well…haven’t heard any complaints…yet.
  • Looking forward to this Sunday…continue our Genesis series and teaching on Lot…and the power of our choices.