We had a great Sunday yesterday…it went too late to post last night.

  • Great worship service…a lot of laughs…we looked at the story of Abraham & Sarah laughing at God when he told them they were still going to have a son…at ages 100 & 90.  You can always listen online if you missed it.
  • Incredible time last night here at our home with our new members class.  We had 15 adults here for the class and we had a fantastic time of fellowship as we shared more about our church.  God has brought some great new families to our church over the past few months.  Sherri and I truly enjoyed hosting this event.
  • My body ached last night by the time it was all over…that feeling that I used to have after the old school marathon days with Sunday night church services.  Of course I was energized for the class…it was just the crash afterwards…good sleeping!
  • I’m excited to go get a copy of the Washington Times today.  There’s supposed to be an article about LCC in the Culture section.  Be sure to get your souvenir copy.
  • Looking forward to some family time today as the kids and Sherri are off school for the holiday.