Some random thoughts in no particular order…

We had a great service this morning. The message on sex seem to go over pretty well. I went for 45 minutes…I’m usually about 30…but we planned ahead for it. There was a lot to be said. If you missed it, as always you can listen on our website or go to iTunes and search for “Steve Markle” and download the podcast. Great crowd and energy today…there was a buzz in the house today.

Zac and I moved the Bowflex to the basement storage room…out of the future baby’s bedroom. A true sign of the times…we are now 4 months down, 5 to go. We’re getting the room ready to paint…now which color? We hope to find this out in a few weeks.

I’m helping to coach my daughter Tori’s softball team. This afternoon they had an indoor winter workout session. I’m really looking forward to having some quality time with her…coaching a group of girls should be a good experience for me 🙂

Speaking of baseball, my son Zac has tryouts Monday-Wednesday this week for the Forest Park JV Team. Baseball is the sport he is passionate about. I’m just praying he is relaxed and does his best. We’ll see…

I’m looking forward to our John 3:16 series which starts next week and takes us up to Easter. Read more about it here.

God seems to be bringing us more younger single adults & college age to LCC. I think it is probably time for us to launch a life group specific to this demographic.

Besides sports, I don’t watch much TV…but I’m missing a new season of 24. It’s a nice escape from reality. Due to the greediness in Hollywood, we gotta wait til ’09. At least our family enjoys watching American Idol together. So far, I’m picking David Archuleta to win it all.