A great weekend. Love the changing weather. God is good!

  • Yesterday’s worship service was awesome. Great crowd and great music with our band.
  • At the end, I challenged our people with handing out invite cards for Easter Sunday. I had a few people after the service talking about personally bringing 50 people for Easter. I’m psyched about March 23rd. It’s going to be a record day in the life of LCC. I’m praying for many people to come to know Jesus on that day. Please pray for that!
  • Some of my favorite time each week is 10:10-10:30 in the lobby and then 11:30-11:50…I love catching up with people and meeting our guests. I love what God is doing at LCC.
  • My wife is now 18 weeks…close to halfway…she and the baby are pretty healthy so far…thanks for the prayers.
  • The kids and I spent the entire Sunday afternoon outside…basketball, softball…popsickles…what a great day to be out…man does my body ache today!