Funny how life gets a little hectic and blogging becomes less important. I thought I better post soon before someone thinks I’m dying or depressed. I actually became concerned over a friend who stopped blogging for a few weeks…so let me try to prevent that.

  • God answers prayer. It’s amazing over the last 2 years how when we as a church have gotten focused and specific we’ve seen God answer prayer. It’s not always everything we ask for at the time we want it…but in His timing…and His timing is always perfect.
  • So, it looks likes we are finally getting our own professional OFFICE SPACE! We are pumped about this. 6 years of working out of my home has been convenient, but it’s time to take it up a notch. We found a great office space at truly a perfect location on Opitz Blvd for a great price. If all goes well we will sign a lease on Friday and take possession next week. We’re going to do some cleaning and painting before we move in. But it’s going to work great for us. It has 2 offices, 1 large meeting room which will work great for meetings, small bible studies, etc. and it has a large reception/work space area. 1,250 square feet altogether with 2 bathrooms. The timing is perfect with my wife and kids coming home from school a month later…and the baby coming before we know it. I’ll be posting more about the office space and the WISH LIST to furnish it. I know somethings already we’d like to get donated: a vaccuum, a fridge, a microwave…We just need a $5,000 giftcard to IKEA 🙂
  • My wife is now 24 weeks pregnant…can’t believe it. He (his name will be Nicholas) is very active. Zac and I got to watch him kicking a few days ago…amazing! Sherri is a trooper…still teaching 1st grade and doing all the other mom stuff…pray for her strength!
  • Anxious to get to the ball field tonight as my son’s team has it’s first game of the Spring season…Go Dodgers. Zac is the starting pitcher tonight…I’ll be coaching 3rd base…I love it…
  • Last week’s service was great…we had a new drummer and he did a great job…way to go ALEX!
  • I talked about LUST (David & Bathsheba). Amazing how much is out there (web, tv, etc) to pull us off the right path. Many men thanked me for talking openly about this subject. HEY – we are ALL dealing with this…let’s ADMIT it!
  • Oh yea…my Baltimore Orioles are still in first place.
  • It’s TAX FILING DAY…I did my own taxes and filed online around February 1st. I heard a radio guy today saying that our goal should be to have someone else do our taxes…why? Because that proves where you are in life…you own so many properties, have to many streams of income, etc, etc…to possibly be able to do your own 🙂 Yea…that sounds nice!
  • Today at 3 pm is our last staff meeting at Panera. Yea, Panera is nice…but seriously? No privacy, hard to hear, squished around the table…and NO WHITEBOARD!
  • Speaking of Whiteboard…looking forward to the Whiteboard Sessions on May 22nd.
  • Back to my series on Relationships from David’s life…this week I’m talking about the Dysfunction in his family due to his horrible parenting. Read 2 Samuel 13 and following…OUCH! and you think your family is messed up?