It’s nice to be blogging from my office 🙂  It was great to get in here at 7:30 this morning and get started.  I LOVE this office space and appreciate all who gave to make it happen and am thankful that God opened this door for us.  In case you are wondering…there are a few items we still need that we are hoping to have donated rather than purchase:

  • a vacuum – got an extra upright sitting in storage?
  • a TV – we’ve got a meeting area and could use this for videos, etc.  larger than 20 inch needed

Had a great day on Sunday.  Great service. Got to meet some people who came for Easter and then came back for their 2nd visit yesterday.  Enjoyed the relationships series.

The Car wash outreach was a great success on Saturday.  We were able to touch people with God’s love in a practical way.  The look on their faces when we refused to accept their money was priceless.  We were able to take prayer requests from many and invite several to church.  We’re doing it again on Saturday, May 24th from 9:30 am – Noon.  Same location – the 7-11 Gas Station next to Smokey Bones.

This coming Sunday’s service will be exciting and very unique.  Instead of a regular message, I will interviewing 3 different individuals of LCC and they will be sharing their stories of God working in their lives.  We’ll have some great tunes mixed in between the interviews.  Don’t miss LIFE STORIES at LCC this Sunday at 10:30 am.