Sorry for the slow down on my blog posts…hey – it’s summer…what can I say?

Sunday (yesterday) at LCC was a great day:

  • The band was actually all back together at one time and they sounded sweet. The stage area is kind of crowded in the cafeteria, but we can manage. Great job Josh, Mick, Cara, Matt, Alex, Valerie! The music set was great…people are digging the new Tomlin song – Jesus Messiah.
  • One more week left in our Bookmarks series…yesterday was ebay…basically I talked about how we handle our money and treasures. Jesus had a lot to say about and we dove deep into Matthew 6. God wants us to not only Shop victoriously, but also budget, invest and give victoriously as well. It was a good challenging message. I expect next week’s offering to be through the roof :-).
  • It was great to have 2 new families Sunday…well actually 1 new family and 1 family back after 18 months in Kuwait. One of the downsides to pastoring in this area is people are always moving away…one of the upsides is that they often come back around. Good to have the Cresons back!
  • I spent about 30 minutes yesterday with the school’s head custodian. The auditorium renovations are going to take longer than expected…I know this is a shocker 🙂 It’s looking more like November before we move back into the auditorium for worship. It’s going to be getting tight in the cafeteria this fall…but we’ll survive. The more difficult aspect is the current displacement of the nursery and preschool – I don’t like what we have to work with right now, but it will get better. (What we really need is a place of our own – in God’s time we’ll have it – just PRAY!)

Some other misc…

  • Pumped about our Fall Campaign for October-November. I’m writing a 30-day devotional to coincide with our campaign/series. I’m looking forward to see God move in an amazing way this Fall.
  • Ran into a college student LCC attendee who I haven’t seen much this summer. She apologized for missing because of her schedule/vacations/etc, but she wanted me to know she downloads the message each week on iTunes and listens while she works out. That’s always encouraging to hear.
  • We had a great leadership team meeting last Tuesday night…I’m so thankful for the awesome people that God has brought to LCC to be on the team. I am blessed.
  • Our youth leave in 12 days for their missions trip to Maine – keep all 16 students and 4 adults in prayer.
  • Friday, August 1st…we’re going into the hospital to have a baby that day, unless he decides he wants out sooner. Keep Sherri in prayer…she’s getting more and more uncomfortable!
  • I’ve got 2 guest speakers lined up for LCC in August – On August 3rd and on August 31st LCC will get a break from me 🙂