A week between posts…kind of describes how busy the week was…

  • Last Monday I spent all day hunkered down in my home office working on my 30-day devotional for our fall campaign.  I made great progress…wrote about 11 original writings…about 1/3 of the project…then my home computer I was using locked-up.  After resetting several times and having 3 or 4 computer gurus survey the damage…it ended up with the hard drive being destroyed.  Anyway…not a great start to the week!  Tomorrow I start again… (will back up my file every 5 minutes on a thumb drive!)
  • On Tuesday evening we had a great leadership team meeting.  Great energy and discussion and vision.  We are forming a RELOCATION TEAM to focus on getting us to our next church location…something other than a school.  We’re looking for a place that we can use 24/7.  While a school is most affordable, the headaches that we deal with are mounting and most importantly we believe that it is stunting our growth.  It’s time for us to remove that obstacle to growth.  Actually, we need God to do that because finding a place in Woodbridge that is affordable and suitable will be a God-thing…but that is the cool thing – with God all things are possible!
  • Wednesday was devoted to sermon prep
  • Thursday our youth group took 40 to Lake Anna for the day.  We appreciate Harry & Linda Bradley opening their home and dock to us for the day.  The kids had a great time tubing all day.  Thanks to our 7 adult volunteers who gave their day to our kids.  Our students had a blast!
  • On Thursday, I had a great lunch meeting with a Pastor/Mentor/Friend of mine – Dave Rhodenhizer.  I served in his ministry at Calvary Road for 6 years as the youth pastor.  It’s great to have some senior pastor talk and learn from his experience and success.
  • On Thursday night and Friday night I was able to attend 2 different Back-2-School nights with my 2 daughters…I cannot believe they start on Monday…the summer is GONE!
  • In between all of this I spent some time holding my newborn and watching the USA dominate in the olympics.
  • This morning we had an awesome service at LCC.  Josh had been in bed sick with a virus the last 2 days, but he made it to church and did a nice job leading us in worship…way to pull it off and “play hurt” for the team…(reference to last week’s message).
  • The crowd was healthy again considering all the families on vacation…cannot wait for the Fall!
  • Great business meeting at the end of the service. The annual budget was approved unanimously and we discussed the plans for the relocation team.  There’s a great sense of excitement for what is coming in the next year for our church.  I cannot wait to see what God does
  • Loved preaching the STRIVE series…very motivating…imagine what will happen at LCC and in NOVA if all of us get serious about STRIVING to be all that we can be for God.  STREAMLINE.  PERSEVERE.  FOCUS.