Awesome day at LCC!  Our September kicked off with a bang!  What a great start to the Fall…

  • Several new teachers/workers in place working with our kids…thanks for volunteering and doing a great job today!
  • Band debuted a new song today…Sing, Sing, Sing…(from the new Chris Tomlin CD)…nice job!  It was a great worship set today…and the crowd is singing like crazy.
  • Great crowd again today.  We’ve got space issues.  It’s a good problem.  Congestion in the hallway after the service.  Running low on chairs.  Not enough space in the preschool.
  • Generous offering today!
  • Excited about our future relocation…our team is forming and we are believing God for our own meeting space…we need to be free from the school!
  • Really enjoyed preaching today’s message…love preaching on the church!
  • It’s crunch time for my devotional book.  To have it printed in time for our October series, I need to send it off by the end of this week.  I’ve got some great editing help…but still, I’m feeling the stress!
  • Core Classes began today at 9:30.  We had a great turnout.  Thanks to all for showing up and making it happen.
  • We are starting a ministry to our college students.  We have several families with college kids who just left for school.  Thanks to Lillian for starting up this ministry.  Be sure to pick up your college kid prayer magnet next Sunday.

On a personal note…

  • We are adjusting to this new life of 4 kids…sometimes I look at Baby Nic and think is this really my child?  how did this happen? (ok…i know how it happened…just still amazed)
  • Last Monday on Labor Day, we went out as a family for some last minute school clothes shopping.  Walking through the mall with all 6 of us felt like a small mob.  It just seemed like a lot more to keep track of.  Kind of funny…never saw us having this big of a family.
  • Funny how house issues happen.  Last week we had a fire in our living room…literally.  An extension cord under our sofa running to a lamp caught fire.  Fortunately, we got it out quickly enough to save the house…and even the sofa…but the carpet is messed up and needs to be replaced.  Then yesterday, the hot water heater quits on us.  The cold showers just aren’t working for the family 🙂  So it goes with home ownership!
  • My oldest son Zac made the Fall JV Baseball team at Forest Park and games start this week.  I’m looking forward to watching from the stands.