It’s time for the Monday morning review…

  • We had a great service yesterday at LCC as we wrapped up the Ecclesia series.
  • It was great to have some first time guests.
  • By the numbers…we completed September as our highest non-Easter average attendance month!  Thank God for our growth.
  • Our people are excited about the upcoming CHANGE campaign.  We are praying for 20 new family units to become part of LCC during this campaign.
  • We are praying and hoping to relocate as soon as we can.  The school auditorium renovation is stalled and we are outgrowing the cafeteria for worship.  Our relocation team has discovered some possible new locations, but the price tags are very steep.  Be praying for some sizable donations to our relocation fund to help us get going.
  • How about those Redskins!!!!  My expectations were far exceeded!  This could be a really good season.
  • Appreciate the response to the need for help for the pancake breakfast.  We have 12+ cooks that will be flipping pancakes early for next Sunday’s big Pancake Breakfast to kick off the campaign.  I cannot wait for next Sunday!