Relationships. We have good ones and we have bad ones.  Let me ask you a question…do you have a relationship that needs to change? Maybe you have a relationship that you’ve just about given up on.  Whatever the case may be, you need to be at LCC this Sunday.  As we continue our CHANGE series, this Sunday’s message is critical for all of us.  Don’t miss it.  Invite as many people as possible.

Change is happening. I’m beginning to hear stories of change.  Some of you have told me how you are being challenged by the messages and the devotional.  Many of you are making commitments to change.  Will you be willing to share your story with me?  Click to our website and submit your story.  Your submitted story comes directly to my inbox. Click here.

Waterbottles, T-shirts, Devotional Books. If you missed last Sunday, we have some CHANGE waterbottles leftover, so be sure to ask for yours this Sunday.  Change T-shirts are still on sale for $10…supplies are limited – get yours this Sunday.  We have plenty of Change devotional books…so if you haven’t yet picked up yours, get one this Sunday.  If you have a friend that you believe would benefit, please feel free to grab a copy for them.

Have a great rest of the week…see you Sunday!