Last week, when we talked about Changing Our Health, I mentioned that I was personally working improving my health and so far, so good.  I ran 3 mornings last week…and got off to a good start by running this morning…but wow…running in 30 degrees at 6:25 am in the dark is a shock to your system.  Tori and I did pretty well though.

How are you doing on changing your health?  Some of you were asking me how I was doing yesterday…I guess you are holding me accountable for my sermon!  In addition to a little more exercise, I’ve gone 9 days without eating unhealthy snacks after dinner…with the exception of a few cups of hot chocolate.  Carrots and celery weren’t so bad last night while watching the ball game.  Only frustration is that the scale keeps coming up with the same numbers!  Nevertheless…I’m feeling better.