It’s been amazing…the difference of taking Fridays off with having a “real” church office to go to Monday through Thursday vs. having the church office in our home.  I’m actually getting much more done…and truly detaching from work.  (yeah…I know I’m blogging right now) I guess it’s more of a mental thing, but nevertheless – it’s working!

Today, I’ve already accomplished 3 honey-do projects: bathroom caulking, electrical wiring issue, and storage room clean-up.  Now Sherri and I are off to a little lunch date (with Nic).   Next up…personal finances sorting and filing.  I’m usually up on this, but since the baby was born, I’ve fallen about 3 months behind! It’s a daunting pile of papers I’m staring at right now…ugh!

Looking forward to Sunday…great service planned…some great new songs that Josh has just recently introduced in worship, cool, thought-provoking video clips and media and a challenging message about changing our spiritual lives.  Come to LCC on Sunday ready to receive!