Watching the World Series as I type…routing for the Rays, but it’s not looking good…

A good day at church this morning.  The Change series is going great.  I love to see God working in lives.  The messages have been convicting…from prep to delivery…but that is what God’s word does.  Today, I talked about spiritual disciplines that we need in our lives if we are going to change spiritually.  There is a recurring theme throughout the series…IN ORDER TO CHANGE, IT WILL TAKE DISCIPLINE!  Becoming all the God desires for us takes hard work…but with Christ – all things are possible.

Good crowd today.  Had a first today…a new family came that found us on Facebook.  They found our group that had been created for our church.  Pretty cool stuff.

Clarifying a story I told in today’s message.  In 2 games of Madden yesterday against my 15yo son, I won the first game 40-31 and he whipped me in the 2nd game 63-31.  He wanted me to get it straight.  I should have stopped while ahead…

I appreciate the group of 6 men and 2 teenage guys who met a real need today.  These guys gave up 2+ hours right after church today to help a single mom in our church move out of her home.  I love to see the church respond to needs and take care of one another.  Great to be a part of it!

Hard to believe it’s less than 2 months to Christmas!  My 8 year old Lexi and I had a breakfast date at 7 am this past Friday at Bob Evans.  Christmas (gifts) was a big part of the conversation….very important stuff when you are 8!  She has a wishlist 🙂