I’m enjoying the Redskins-Cowboys game on SNF.  So far it’s going my way…but it’s only 10-7…pretty tense at this point.  The Skins gotta win this one…

We had a good morning at LCC.  We started a 2-part series entitled, i am thankful.  We usually devote a week to Thanksgiving…but this year I’m doing 2 weeks.  I have this sense that we need to work a little bit harder on being thankful people.  We spend way too much time complaining and not enough time thanking.  It’s amazing how being more thankful can really change our perspective on life.

I was having one of those morning where I felt out of sync…bad headache all morning…didn’t feel at my best or on top of my game, but nevertheless God was good and I got through the message fine.  I did trip getting off my stool as I was leaving the stage…not sure how many people witnessed that…I did avoid complete disaster and did not fall on my face.

We had some first time guests again today.  I love how God continues to bring new people to us.

Josh, Matt and Valerie did a great job with the music…an all acoustic set as we were drummer-less today.   I think the old Hank Williams song – I saw the light – was the favorite of the day.  Josh is currently looking for a new drummer.  We have some substitutes lined up and possible interims, but he is looking for a fulltime regular drummer.  Click here to read more about the opening in the band.

My wife and I hosted our new members class Saturday night at our house.  We had a great group of people who are excited about being part of LCC.  I always enjoy teaching this class and getting to know the new families at our church.

Looking forward to a good week ahead…meeting with my advisory board on Tuesday night…got some new initiatives for 2009 to work on…should be a good meeting.

Ugh…Skins just missed a field goal…still 10-7…going to be a tense 4th quarter.