Our new series, Through The Eyes, begins this Sunday. We’re going to see Christmas this year through the eyes of various individuals. I’m hoping this series will cause you to look at Christmas a little differently this year. Here’s a quick overview of the series line-up:

  • Nov 30 – Through the Eyes of the World
  • Dec 7 – Through the Eyes of Mary
  • Dec 14 – Through the Eyes of Joseph
  • Dec 21 – Through the Eyes of the Shepherds
  • Dec 24 – Through the Eyes of God

Hope to see you at 10:30 this Sunday. (Reminder – no 9:30 Core Classes this week)

Here are 6 more items I want to hit you with…

  • Saturday, Dec 6 – Women’s Ministry Giftables event. Click here for more info or to register
  • Sunday, Dec 14 – Last Baptism Opportunity of 08. Click here for more info or to register
  • Sunday, Dec 21 – Kids Choir will perform in the service. Send Sherri an email to sign your elementary or preschool student up to participate.
  • Wednesday, Dec 24 – Our Christmas Eve service from 5:00-5:45. It’s for the whole family. (no preschool or nursery)
  • Sunday, Jan 4 – Vision 2009 – I will be sharing some exciting news for the upcoming year for LCC.
  • Sunday, Jan 25 – Our next New Member’s Class from 5-8 pm. Online registration is coming, but you can send me an email to reserve your place now.

Have a happy thanksgiving! If you are in town, I hope to see you at church on Sunday.