Yesterday turned out to be a great day at church.  The weather forecast was not so great, but the rain stopped before services and we had a pretty good crowd.  So many of our families took advantage of the 2 weeks off of school and already left town, so it was nice to see a good crowd in spite of that.  The kids choir did a great job singing a few songs with the band.  Thanks to Melody for organizing and leading our kids.

I’m looking forward to our Wednesday evening Christmas Eve service at 5 pm.  We have a great 45 minute family friendly service planned.  I will be involving a lot of kids in the message and we’ll be singing a bunch of traditional  Christmas carols.   If you don’t have plans, I hope you’ll join us.  Come a few minutes early for some cookies and hot cider!

It’s going to be a busy week…but a great one!  As a family we are staying home for Christmas for the first time ever!  My family is coming here this year.  We’re excited about this change and look forward to a relaxing, non-traveling Christmas day at home.  Got some last minute running-around to do to get ready…but it’s all good!

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!